Not one of us has made it to where we are today…alone.

Join us at the Power Of WE Symposium and together we can impact the lives of over 200 at-risk youth!

Learn from some of the top influential speakers in the world who will unmask your powers and show you the way to more success in your life.  AND you will help give these kids a chance for a brighter future.
Together WE have the Power to help each other and change the world!

We have








To Save As Many At-Risk Youth As Possible!

September 20th, 2018
8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Stan Mansion
2408 N Kedzie Blvd,
Chicago, IL 60647

We have








To Save As Many At-Risk Youth As Possible!



Loren Michaels Harris
The Power Of CONTROL

Control Your Process…Control Your Life!

Without control, you can never achieve what your heart wants. You can never LIVE like your soul desires. Loren will teach you how to take control of your life and the processes you need to develop to control your destiny.

Dom Faussette

“Face your fears head-on. Your success depends on it.”

Dom will push you not to simply acknowledge or think about what you fear most. He will teach you how to head-on push through what you fear the most to move you towards success.

Marlon Haywood

You are the change that you have been waiting to happen.

Marlon will discuss the power of faith, passion, and persistence to ignite a change in your community. He will walk us through his journey that ignited a change in the local communities of Chicago. As an empowered community, we can be the change needed in our world today.

Jason Sisneros
The Power Of ACTION

“The most rewarding jump is the one you make from your fear to your future.”

Your results are directly influenced by the amount of action you take and the passion with which you take it. We will light the fire and motivate you to create an actionable, measurable, and achievable plan to drive you to your outcomes. You can’t change the world if you’re unwilling to take that first step.

Melissa Hull

The journey to leadership can only be accomplished when we commit to self-discovery, asking ourselves what we stand for and how we can assist others to become the best version of themselves.

You will learn the key behaviors and attitudes of an authentic style of leadership, and the attributes that make a great leader, how to build competency, and how they can accomplish this through building personal character.

Tucker Bearden

If you can be the spark that lights the way through the darkness for even a single soul, your whole life has been worthwhile.

One of our most inspiring speakers, Tucker will teach you the real value of using your gifts to help others.

Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Marcus will give you his shortcut to happiness, fulfillment, and success. He will reveal his transparent story as a cautionary tale.

A man of great courage, Marcus will give YOU the courage to succeed and prosper in life and in business.

Adversity is a gift, embrace it.

Dan Mendilow
The Power Of HARMONY

Dan Mendilow will teach you how to tap into your divine masculine and feminine sides of yourself. You will discover each one’s unique needs, energies, and qualities so that you can balance them inside of you and gain access to 100% of your personal energy and magnetism. Men might be from Mars, and women might be from Venus, but after Dan’s talk, you’ll be an official translator and ambassador between them.

Abi Levine
The Power Of Love!

“Embrace the Power Of Love and you can crush any obstacle in your path!”

Abi will reignite the LOVE in you. In your work, in your relationships, and in your life. With the power of love, nothing is impossible and nothing stands in your way.

Faye Kitariev

Ever wonder why one person wins Olympic Gold, while the other loses the dream of his or her life?

Uncover the two hidden forces that can unleash your potential, and let you understand the true meaning of success and failure. You will learn what potential really means and how it relates to confidence.

Karen Putz
The Power Of Passion!

Life has a way of twisting and turning–and sometimes we become lost in the process. Karen will teach you how to turn adversity into your greatest blessing–and how you can tap into passion to create an extraordinary life.

Tiauna Ross
The Power Of CHOICE!

We don’t get to choose where we are born, the family we are born into, nor the circumstances under which we are raised. Tiauna Ross will teach you why the choices we do get to make are the ones that matter the most.

Tiauna has gone “from inner-city to Corporate America” by simply making one choice at a time.
While it is true that we don’t choose everything for ourselves, participants will also discover that the power to transform our lives is directly related to our ability to understand and use the power of choice.

Unmask Yourself

Your Fears, Your Obstacles, AND

Join us for a POWERFUL

Masquerade Mixer!

You will network with our speakers
and other special guests and
make the powerful connections
that will change your LIFE!

September 20th, 2018, Stan Mansion, 8:30pm 11:00pm