None of us is ever too old to learn or too young to teach.
Experience the world of mentorship.

The Power of WE is looking for more celebrity, business and community mentors to step up to the plate to be matched with one of our 200+ VIP youth leaders who have been hand-selected to attend this event and who are hungry to change the world for the better.

The mentorship will consist of a year-long commitment from each mentor to provide knowledge, guidance and encouragement to their youth mentee. Whether it’s sharing a book, providing an internship, connecting on a coaching call, or sharing an uplifting prayer, everyone has something to offer those who are at the beginning of their journeys. And the more purposeful WE are in doing so, the brighter the future is for EVERYONE.

Imagine being able to forever remind a young leader that they can achieve their dreams. As a mentor, you will ensure a teen leader sees living, breathing, real life examples of exactly what overcoming adversity looks and feels like.

You will show them what they can create with their own lives by harnessing the power they have within themselves. As a Power of WE mentor, you will provide hope for at risk teen leaders who are too close to the reality of losing their dreams forever. We know the difference between success and failure often lies within one golden opportunity...and this is it! Won’t you please consider changing the life of a deserving teen leader by becoming a Power of WE mentor and attending our symposium on September 20th?

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