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POW Mentorship Questionnaire

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Dear Potential Mentor,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor for one of our at-risk VIP teen leaders through the Power of WE Symposium.  This Mentorship will consist of a year-long commitment from each mentor to provide knowledge, guidance and encouragement to their youth mentee.  Whether it’s sharing a book, providing an internship, connecting on a coaching call, or sharing an uplifting prayer, everyone has something to offer those who are at the beginning of their journeys.  And the more purposeful WE are in doing so, the brighter the future is for EVERYONE.

Please,take a few minutes to answer the following questions so that we can best match you with a teen leader. 

1. Why do you feel you would make a good mentor to an at-risk youth leader?more details
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2. What adversities have you overcome to achieve the success you have today?more details
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3. Which path did you take to get to where you are today? (high school, college, grad school, trade/vocational school, school of hard knocks, entrepreneurship, etc)more details
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4. What do you feel is important for a mentee to know about the path you took?more details
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5. Where do you see your strengths?more details
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6. What weaknesses are you still working on?more details
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7. What would other leaders in your profession say about you?more details
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8. What do you hope to gain from this experience?more details
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9. Describe your communication style:more details
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10. Have you ever been a mentor before? When and for how long?more details
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11. Briefly outline how you will provide mentorship:more details
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By signing below, you agree to connect with your mentee at least once per week for the next year.


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